About Us



Jupiter Motorsports LLC truck racing team is a family owned business based out of Weaverville, North Carolina.

We began Jupiter Motorsports LLC in 2015 with the ambition to take our trucks to be competitive in a big rig racing series.

We currently have 4 race teams:

Turbo # 3 a 2008 Peterbilt 379 will be driven by the Owner, Allen Boles.

Pigpen #41 a 2000 Peterbilt 379 will be driven by Marshall Davis.​

Red Beard #7 a 1980 Peterbilt 359 will be driven by Jon Lisenbee.

​Lightening #4 a 1979 Western Star will be driven by Scott Treadway.


The Jupiter team has worked together for over 30 years at Jupiter Enterprises Inc., a family trucking company that

 specializes in Coal Hauling along with other Bulk Materials.


The trucking industry is the lifeblood of the US economy.  Nearly 70% all of the freight tonnage mobed in the US goes on trucks.  Without the industry and our truck drivers, the economy would come to a standstill.  To move 9.2 tons of freight annually requires nearly 3 million heavy duty trucks and over 3 million truck drivers. It also takes over 37 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move all of that freight.  Simply - without trucks, America stops.  If you take these statistics and create a spectator basis off of those numbers for big rig racing, there is unlimited possibilities for advertisement and growth for all involved.  

​Jupiter Motorsports LLC was a participant in the inaugural year (2015) of the ChampTruck World Series traveling all over the USA.  The team was represented by Team Turbo and Team Rude.  In 2016, Jupiter Motorsports LLC added an additional Peterbilt team, Team Boost, they began competing in the ChampTruck Series.  In June 2016 Jupiter Motorsports, Minimizer, and various teams from ChampTruck decided to switch gears and focus on circle track racing.  They saw the opportunity to build a better fan base and allow their sponsors more exposure to huge crowds.  It also lead to the opportunity to build more trucks for Jupiter Motorsports and in turn resulted in more trucks racing.  The dream of bringing big rig racing back to the circle track came true on July 30. 2016, at the Anderson Motor Speedway, bringing the fans to their feet as the trucks raced for the first time in 30 years at an oval track.  The season went on to bring sold out crowds to both Greenville/Pickens and Hickory Motor Speedway.  "Its the biggest crowd I have scene in years" quoted a spectator on Saturday August 6, 2016 at the Greenville/Pickens Speedway.  The series finished up the 2016 season with huge crowds and happy fans at the Crisp Motorsports Park in Cordele, GA.  We were invited back for the 2017 Race Season.  Now Jupiter Motorsports joins the Bandit Big Rig Series in their 2017 season, "We are looking forward to seeing our fans again and racing our trucks for sold out shows." Allen Boles told a spokesperson.